Under epidemic times, people began to have a lot of time to stay at home. It was only then that I observed from my window for the first time how the trees bloom from winter to spring. Each window is a purest image of life for everyone. I was very interested in this everyday image and started to record my own windows. Try to find variations in it.
Differences slowly appear in the endless repetition of daily life, and the differences point to new cognition and thinking.
This work is composed of two window views, one in Taiwan and one in Germany, trying to present two dailies.
I recorded the window in Taiwan with a thunderstorm in the afternoon. As the heavy rain and dense fog dissipate, the viewpoint of the picture is constantly shifting, and there is a slow change in the perception of the overall landscape.
I collected a lot of materials of the window views in Germany and to put them in the same take together, and combined them with a musical element of harmony to dissonance (electronic music to noise) to show their daily variability.