Concept – Pedro Martin, Dennis Gnoni & Zsolt Szabo
Programming – Zsolt Szabo

The installation consists of random images of travel home-videos which are randomly shown in connection with a random date from 1.1.1995 to today which are embedded in the video through an algorithm. The viewer can activate the installation by pressing play on the console, which is shaped as a vintage camcorder connected to the monitor through a cable.
This year we all spent a lot of time at home. Many had the chance to get distracted with all sorts of different activities, like new hobbies, other also had a chance to go through many vaults of old recordings and memento, being transported to different places and times through the screens of their computers and devices, even if not leaving the four walls of their homes.
So much material is gathered sometimes, that it is difficult to remember everything. During travelling, we tend to remember what we did in those places, with whom we were and etc. More than often the way to get there tends to be forgotten and non recognisable when later revisited in home videos. As if riding to a specific location was done in autopilot, not really computing and remembering the path taken. Many, but not all, of these landscapes are not easy to place, in this sense somehow exchangeable. This installation explores a sort of common collective memory of the paths taken to reach travel destinations.