2008. The first tv stations start broadcasting in High Definition. Hard drives over 1 TB capacity and blu-rays are only one year old. The MiniDV Tape slowly clears the way for flash memory cards.
Over the years since I started working in the tv and film industry, I have been noticing some changes in how I view the first little films I produced back in my youth.
Right after starting my first job I would have described them as unprofessional, shaky, badly framed and so on. Now I’m able to overlook their technical issues and concentrate on the narration, the background, the meta level. What I love the most about them - and why I envy my younger self a little bit - is how curious, unconcerned and experimental I was. kunst.avi, named after one of my "art works" produced in 2008, is an attempt to analyze what has changed by traveling back in time in the hopes of rediscovering or approaching that bygone attitude of giving every idea a try.