Since the beginning of the pandemic I was staring at computer screens for almost the entire time. Zoom conferences, home office, movie nights. Lockdown certainly didn’t help in finding some non-digital relief. The way that I was “trapped” in my own walls, I tried to find some alternative entertainment which might be hidden in my own shelves and found a lot of books which were enthusiastically bought but never read. For this project I decided to read five of them, one for every screen, and choose one page from each book which managed to catch my attention. There is no correlation between the books but the more I was reading, the more associative connections appeared for me between words and sentences.
On the pages, I erased everything which I found distracting from the part’s which interested me. However I left some words to leave a hint of what was written and to create a new, fragmentary train of thought. When I am reading I am always listening to the sound of thunderstorms, so I decided to create the same kind of soundscapes for my project. Further, I wanted to create the illusion of different seasons passing by.