What happens to the human brain in a situation of social isolation for extended periods of time? When your physical world is limited by your room and a courtyard you observe from your window for months and years? The same walls and objects, the same tree and the piece of sky. Whether the isolation is voluntary or not, physically you exist within limits, but mentally your mind starts to dance.
There's this dimension that evolved and sort of flourished in me due to the circumstances of the Covid pandemic of 2020-2021. My grandma died in February 2020 and immediately after the world has closed.
My tendency to dwell in a personal world or dimension has eventually reached such a level of intensity, that this very invisible dimension seemed unable to contain all the processes happening in my brain.
Had I been isolated here completely alone and lacked the feeling of connection to all other human beings, my mind might have taken dangerous paths. Luckily I haven’t been isolated completely alone.
Nevertheless, my brain went for another kind of dance, trying to play the sculptor of the world outside the window. That world of nature outside, just the way it is, without any interference, is never boring. However, the tendency of my mind to play the creator combined with conditions of physical isolation produced this visual impudence.
Because of the game of light and shadow, because of snowstorm and rainbow, because of every new twilight’s tint nuance, textures and shapes, because of death and rebirth, because it never stops and gives hope, because it's repetitive, and yet always surprising and shocking! Because reality is the greatest movie.
One might think that I'm motivated by an anthropological interest in objects, but it's rather a side effect that I'm conscious about. I am photographing the same locations and objects over and over again, but my vision and language are too spontaneous and wild to become a typical "typological" study. I'm always snapping and stealing the moments. The horizon always wants to fall and crash. The framed reality is always in transition to another moment. The images beg me to move and not to stay still...
The stillness of photographic images feels unbearable to me, because the emptiness that emerges between 2 still images creates the uncanny gap or a rabbit hole, which sucks me in and triggers my mind to produce a dimension to fill in that gap.
Some people, when they see still images, fill in their perceived gaps by writing discourses or starting discussions. In this current experiment I fill in my gaps by using collage/montage methods, combining and creating movement and a whole new visual dimension.
SO WHY AM I DOING THIS? [Creating my visual dimension] No, I'm not creating it, I am merely trying to make it visible, to externalize the process happening in my brain. (And mind).
Doing this type of work has so many reasons and outcomes!.. but just one main trigger for me:
It's all about measuring and trying to control the time that constantly slips away and passes. In an attempt to stop it and leave the stamp of my presence by modifying it. In order to be able to prove later on that things did really happen, that I was there. I shape, design and modify, therefore I exist. I existed.
The fight against time always feels lost the moment I stop capturing, designing and modifying.